Cat 52 wow…I mean WOW

7 11 2009

wow….TY fm96, poags jewellers and the other sponsors, TY Troy Welch for deciding to split…what a show….I apologize for the F-bomb, forgot we were live…oops my bad…Ty other cats TY TY TY


Congratulations Cat 31 and 52

7 11 2009

Thanks to all the Cats for wearing your Hat proudly! It was a great wrap party – and congratulations to Troy and Kirk – who split the $10K!

The Cat will come back in the spring.

CLICK HERE for pics of the wrap-up party!

Stay tuned for more audio and video!

cat 2

cat 1

Cat#35 – what an awesome night

6 11 2009

what an awesome night… my number was called 39th and I was in the washroom at the time… my daughter told me my # was called & I was out when I returned …. but what a night…. totally stressed out !!!!!!!! 

congratulations to the winners, thats right, two guys took $5,000 each… my daughter has claimed my hat…she will wear it all winter long (or so she thinks) !!!!!

Cat #21… the last post…

6 11 2009

So I guess I`ll do like everyone else and thank the great people from FM96 and everyone involved in making this contest happen. I had such a fun time with it, lots of laughs. Good luck to all you other cats.. but not too much ;).

I truely think this experience has really helped to break me out of my shell. Yea I`ve done a lot of crazy things in my life *cough*, but I was a pretty shy person up until now. I think this hat has helped me find my voice. I just hope like hell I don`t lose it when this is over =(. By the way, I am SO wearing this as a winter hat! But I am definately removing the stupid chin strap.

Peace and love to all my supporters! I`m out.^

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Cat #36 Anticipation!!!!!

6 11 2009

I totally can’t concentrat at work now. Can’t wait till 3:30 to get out of here and head to Jim Bob’s see you all there. Win or lose any prize it’s been a fun experience…

Last posting of contest before the rap it up party.. :(

6 11 2009

Since the last time I’ve posted I’ve attended: my sisters high-school graduation on Oct. 8th at CECI in St. Thomas where some of the time I was getting more attention than the grads them selves, my boyfriends cousins wedding reception on Oct. 16th at the Best Western-I got my picture taken with some random who just had to get a picture with me and some one asked if they could see my hat and get a picture of me with out ya right like that was going to happen, then on Oct. 24th I went to Canada’s Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt it was awesome- I heard there was another cat in the hat there but never saw them. Also this past weekend(Halloween) I was in Kingston at my friends Halloween Party as a cowardly lioness and then we went out to the bar. It was a blast. It was soo hard to find a Halloween costume to match with my hat, I went to 5 different places before finally finding a costume. All cause nothing matches with the fur on our hats.. Any who I can’t believe today is the last day of the contest.. I’m kinda sad.. It hasn’t even been 60days yet or even 58days yet its only the 54day.. so we are at least 4 days short of 2 months. I’d be willing to wear my hat longer. Heck I could wear this hat for a year no problem.. I’m going to miss wearing my hat and the attention it gave me..What if I can’t sleep with out my hat or what if my head is cold without it and I have to start wearing a new hat all the time. O-wait we get to keep the hats right..maybe I’ll just keep wearing mine secretly..shh

Thanks Fm96 and Poag Jewellers and all the other sponsors for making this contest possible..its been a blast! 🙂

Good luck to the lucky 53 cats in the hats who have made it to the final day, I’ll see you tonight at Jim Bob Rays from 4-6pm..

Check out some of my cat in the hat photos!

Cat 9

6 11 2009

This was fun! MEOW.. can’t wait for the reunion!!! ❤

❤ byebye meow blog!

Thanks FM96.